What Is STAB In Pokemon?

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What Is STAB In Pokemon?

In the intricate world of Pokemon battles, the term “STAB” holds significant importance, influencing the effectiveness of moves and strategies. In this detailed guide, we’ll delve into the concept of STAB, exploring its definition, impact on battles, and how it has evolved in the Pokemon universe.

What Is A STAB Move In Pokemon?

STAB, an acronym for “Same Type Attack Bonus,” refers to a crucial mechanic in Pokemon battles where a Pokemon gains a damage bonus when using a move that matches its own typing. Understanding STAB is pivotal for trainers seeking to optimize their Pokemon’s move sets and enhance their battle prowess.

What Is STAB In Pokemon?

STAB in Pokemon is the additional damage bonus applied to a move when a Pokemon of a specific type uses an attack move that corresponds to its own type. This bonus encourages strategic move selection, emphasizing the synergy between a Pokemon’s type and its offensive capabilities.

What Is STAB Damage In Pokemon?

STAB damage in Pokemon is the extra boost applied to a move’s power when it is of the same type as the Pokemon using it. The STAB bonus is calculated as a percentage increase, amplifying the damage output and making moves of the same type as the Pokemon more potent in battles.

What Is STAB In Pokemon Sword?

In Pokemon Sword, the concept of STAB remains consistent with the broader Pokemon franchise. Trainers in Pokemon Sword should consider a Pokemon’s type and the STAB bonus when constructing effective move sets for their Pokemon, optimizing their chances of success in battles.

What Is STAB In Pokemon Card?

In the context of Pokemon Trading Card Game (TCG), STAB doesn’t directly apply. Instead, the TCG focuses on energy types, weaknesses, and resistances. STAB is a mechanic specific to the video game battles where a Pokemon’s type influences move effectiveness.

STAB Pokemon Go

In Pokemon Go, the STAB mechanic is present and operates similarly to the main series games. When a Pokemon uses a move that matches its type, it benefits from the STAB bonus, providing trainers with an incentive to consider type matchups and optimize their battle strategies.

Pokemon STAB Gen 1

STAB has been a fundamental part of Pokemon battles since the first generation. In Generation 1, the STAB bonus was a 50% increase in damage for moves that matched a Pokemon’s type. This mechanic has remained a core aspect of Pokemon battles, evolving in complexity with subsequent generations.

Pokemon STAB Multiplier

The STAB multiplier is the factor by which a move’s power is increased when a Pokemon of the same type uses it. In most generations, the STAB multiplier is 1.5, resulting in a 50% boost to the move’s base power. This multiplier adds a strategic layer to move selection in battles.

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Pokemon STAB Calculator

Trainers looking to optimize their Pokemon battles often utilize STAB calculators. These online tools help determine the damage output of a move with the STAB bonus factored in, allowing trainers to fine-tune their strategies based on type matchups and move effectiveness.

When Was STAB Introduced In Pokemon?

STAB was introduced in the very first Pokemon games, making its debut in Generation 1. Since then, it has become a fundamental aspect of Pokemon battles, influencing the tactical decisions of trainers across various generations and Pokemon titles.

Do All Pokemon Have STAB?

Not all Pokemon have STAB, as it depends on the alignment of a move’s type with the Pokemon’s type. A Pokemon only gains the STAB bonus when using a move that corresponds to its own type. Trainers must consider this mechanic when selecting moves for their Pokemon.


In conclusion, STAB is a pivotal mechanic in the Pokemon universe, shaping the dynamics of battles and encouraging strategic move selection. Trainers who understand the nuances of STAB gain a competitive edge, leveraging their Pokemon’s typing to optimize damage output and outmaneuver opponents. As the Pokemon series continues to evolve, STAB remains a fundamental element, adding depth and complexity to the thrilling world of Pokemon battles.


How Does Pokémon STAB Work?

In the main series games, such as Pokemon Sword & Shield, the STAB grants an x1. 5 multiplier to one’s damage output unless affected by an ability, so it can greatly increase how much HP one takes from foes with each strike.

How Do You Calculate STAB In Pokémon?

STAB is the same-type attack bonus. This is equal to 1.5 if the move’s type matches any of the user’s types, and 1 if otherwise. Internally, it is recognized as an addition of the damage calculated thus far divided by 2, rounded down, then added to the damage calculated thus far.

Is STAB Still A Thing In Pokémon?

In the Pokémon games, STAB is an abbreviation for Same-Type Attack Bonus. Basically what it does, is it increases the damage of a damaging move by x1. 5 when a Pokémon uses a damaging move that matches one of the Pokémon’s types. It’s a mechanic that has been in the games since the beginning.

Does STAB Exist In Gen 1?

Same-type attack bonus (STAB) has been a staple in Pokémon since even gen 1, and it’s common knowledge that it exists.

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