Dota 2 Ranks vs LoL Ranks – Which is easy?

When we compare two things we tend to compare them to make the conclusion easier for ourselves. Comparisons are made to make things easier because an abundance of choices leads to frustration. Comparing two things in the same domain makes it easier for you to choose which one is better. This view is generalized because everybody has their perspective of reality and they can choose what they want in their consciences. But in this blog, we will not dive into that debate that everybody is on their own. Instead, we are gonna talk about two of the biggest esports games on the planet. Precisely we are going to talk about Dota 2 and LoL Ranks and which one has easier matchmaking.

Dota vs LoL Rank Compare

Both of these games are from the same genre and have somewhat similar audiences and fans. Which makes it easier to compare these two with each other and find out which one has an easier rank ladder. While both games have differences in their meta, and how they are played, keep in mind that this comparison is not a solitary answer to the question but rather a speculation of how ranks are in the game.

This means that a player, especially one adept at using dota 2 boosting services, who is strong in every other aspect of the game, can similarly rank in between both Dota and LoL.

League of Legends:

League Legends ranking consists of divisions and tiers. This essentially means that ranking up happens instantly and you never know what is happening with your rank until you rank up or de-rank. There are ten total ranks in the game  Ranging from iron, bronze, and silver to challenger in these ten ranks every rank has 4 tiers.

As you know MOBA Games are generally very hard to excel at because there are huge amounts of information that you need to know about the game and have to use subsequently. Like how to mix items, which champion to use in which scenarios, timings, and the game environment affects you.

But in the case of League of Legends, the game is way more complex than average moba games. On top of everything else it also heavily relies on the shooting mechanics which adds an extra layer on top of the existing complex systems Because League of Legends is one the biggest games on the planet the rank ladder is lengthy and excruciatingly hard is the reason that the last rank of the game “Challenger” is only obtained by less than 1% of the player base. The game’s player base is around 10 to 12 million players daily. So the 1% of 12 million is still around 120 thousand players which means that even at the end of the line the place is still crowded and utmost competitive.

Dota 2:

On the other hand, If we talk about Dota 2 then its ranking system is based on Matchmaking rating. So if you win a match or lose a match you’ll lose mmr points or will gain mmr points. This makes the game’s ranking more transparent and direct to the player giving him insights about when he is going to rank up or getting de-rank. Speaking of ranks the game has eights which are divided into subdivisions. Giving the ranking system a lot more depth as compared to other games from the same genre.

As you know that dota 2 is the biggest esports game in terms of the prize pool and because of that people take the game very seriously. The game also has its legacy dating back to 2004 which is way older than League of Legends making it a lot more authentic and nostalgic for its player base.

Now if we talk about which game is harder then obviously there’s no clear answer in it Because while in League of Legends, shooting mechanics are a lot more concentrated than in Dota but dota 2 has a way bigger learning curve the reason for that is unlike League of Legends dota 2  has more complex mechanics like last hitting creeps, damaging creeps, etc and that why there’s a lot more going on in dota 2’s rank ladder as compared to league of legends. Dota 2 also features a wider and more nuanced item pool, and the player has to be a fast decision-maker and adapter to come out on top.

Which is harder?

As I discussed earlier about both games and how they are different and complex on their own terms it is not a thing that I can conclude that one game is objectively harder than the other. But if we solely talk about the ranking system and in which game it is easier to rank up then it’s safe to say that League of Legends wins this argument by the barest of margins and here’s why:

The game is way bigger and way more competitive than Dota 2 and it also has a bigger rank ladder than Dota 2 meaning that there are lots of players who have outgrown their ranks but haven’t given their deserved ranks and that is causing unmatched PvP Matches. The game also has some complex mechanics which takes an additional layer of skill to master. Those are my reasons for claiming that League of Legends is a little harder to rank up than Dota 2. It also depends on the person who is playing the game. Maybe one player finds League of Legends easier than Dota 2 or vice versa.