Who Is The CEO Of Comcast?

Under the leadership of the CEO of Comcast, the company has grown into a global company. It is uniquely positioned at the intersection of media and technology with three primary businesses; Comcast Cable, NBCUniversal, and Sky. In today’s post, I will reveal who is the president and CEO of Comcast.

Who Is The CEO Of Comcast?

The CEO of Comcast is Brian L. Roberts who is also the Chairman of Comcast Corporation. Comcast is an American company providing cable, entertainment, and communications products and services. This company was founded by Brian’s father Ralph J. Roberts.

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About The CEO Of Comcast

The CEO of Comcast cable, Brian was born into a Jewish family in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Comcast owner, Brian is the son of Ralph J. Roberts and Suzanne who is a former actress and playwright. Brian’s maternal grandfather, Alfred W. Fleisher was a real estate investor and philanthropist who supported prison reform.

The current CEO of Comcast got graduated from the Germantown Academy and earned a bachelor of science degree. He got this degree from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in 1981. After completing his graduation, he immediately began working for Comcast.

At the age of 31, Brian was named president of Comcast Corporation in 1990. During this time, the company had $667 million in annual revenue. However, Comcast Corporation’s annual revenue has then grown to $94.5 billion. He is also the chairman of the board of directors of the National Cable & Telecommunications Association (NCTA). Similarly, he is also a former treasurer.

In 2000, Brian acquired AT&T Broadband for $53.2 billion in stock and assumed debt. This deal allowed Comcast to become the largest cable operator in the world! Later, NBCUniversal was also acquired by Comcast in 2009. The CEO of Comcast’s net worth is around $1.3 billion USD and receives $237,990 USD in compensation.

Whereas Neil Smit is the former CEO of Comcast and is an American businessman. He was the CEO of the company until 2017 and his reported annual compensation was $19,856,203. This places him among the top 200 highest-paid CEOs in America! Neil joined Comcast in 2010 from Charter Communications where he worked as CEO and Director since 2005. Before this, he was the president of Time Warner’s America Online Access Business. Neil also served at AOL as Executive Vice President, Member Services, and COO of MapQuest.

Now, you must be wondering how do I contact the CEO of Comcast. You can easily get connected to the company’s CEO via the Comcast CEO email. Otherwise, you can also use the CEO of Comcast’s contact number (866) 429-0152 to speak with senior Comcast executives.

Do you know who are the top executives at Comcast? Comcast’s key executives include Brain Roberts, Neil Smit, Stephen B. Burke, David L. Cohen, Ron Meyer, and more. Roberts was also a founding co-chair of Philadelphia 2000. According to the Pennsylvania Report, he was called Pennsylvania’s most powerful businessman! Brian is also considered a supporter of the Democratic Party and supported Hillary Clinton in US presidential election.

Brian got married to Aileen Kennedy Roberts and has three children; Sarah, Tucker, and Amanda. His wife Aileen is the chair of the Barnes Foundation. The couple currently lives in Philadelphia along with their children.

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Who Is The Sole Owner Of Comcast?

Roberts (born June 28, 1959) is an American billionaire businessman, and the chairman and CEO of Comcast, an American company providing cable, entertainment, and communications products and services which was founded by his father, Ralph J. Roberts.

How Much Is The Roberts Family Worth?

LOUIS, Missouri (CNN) — Michael and Steven Roberts didn’t have two quarters to rub together a couple of decades ago. Now, the two African-American business leaders estimate their holdings — from hotels to TV stations — are worth $1 billion.

Is Comcast Owned By Jews?

Comcast was established in 1969 by Roberts’s father Ralph and his two Jewish partners, Daniel Aaron and Julian Brodsky. During a poker game, Ralph Roberts had heard about a small cable company in Tupelo looking for investors and the three partners decided to step in.

Who Owns Roberts?

In 2015 Roberts became part of Argan, Inc. Argan is a publicly traded holding company (NYSE:AGX) focused on companies that provide products and services to growth industries.

What Is Comcast’s Highest Salary?

range from an average of $55,493 to $139,595 a year. Comcast Cable, Inc. employees with the job title Principal Software Engineer make the most with an average annual salary of $146,931, while employees with the title Account Executive make the least with an average annual salary of $49,358.


Comcast Cable is an American corporation that provides cable, entertainment, and communications products and services. Comcast’s headquarters are located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and have offices in Atlanta, Detroit, Denver, Manchester, New Hampshire, and New York City. The CEO of Comcast has donated more than $76,000 to Democratic candidates.


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