What Is A Full Back?

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Football is a sport renowned for its intricate positions, and the full back stands as a crucial element in team dynamics. This article explores the multifaceted role of a full back in football, covering their responsibilities, variations in different codes, and their significance on the field.

What Is A Full Back?

This section provides a foundational understanding of the full back position in football. It delves into the primary responsibilities, positioning on the field, and the unique skills that define a successful full back.

What Is A Full Back In American Football:

While the term “full back” is common in association football (soccer), American football has its own interpretation. This section outlines the role and responsibilities of a full back in the context of American football, emphasizing key differences.

Fullback Vs. Halfback:

The distinction between fullbacks and halfbacks is a common query among football enthusiasts. This section clarifies the variances in their roles, positioning, and contributions to the team’s strategy.

Full Back Football Players:

Highlighting iconic full back players adds a real-world dimension to the discussion. This section features notable full backs, their contributions to the game, and how they’ve left a lasting impact on the football community.

Fullback Vs. Running Back:

Addressing a prevalent point of confusion, this section dissects the differences between fullbacks and running backs. It explores how these roles complement each other and contribute to a team’s offensive strategy.

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Fullback Football Size:

Physical attributes play a crucial role in a full back’s effectiveness. This section discusses the ideal size and physique for a full back, considering the demands of the position.

Best Fullback In Nfl:

The National Football League (NFL) boasts exceptional talent across all positions. This section highlights some of the best fullbacks in NFL history, showcasing their skills, achievements, and impact on the game.

Half Back Football:

To provide a comprehensive view, this section briefly explains the role of a half back in football, drawing parallels with the full back position.


In conclusion, a full back’s role extends far beyond its apparent simplicity. Understanding their strategic importance, both in soccer and American football, enhances one’s appreciation for the nuances of the game.


What Does A Full Back Do?

The fullback is the player that lines up between the quarterback and the running back. The fullback is in charge of running the football, catching the football out of the backfield, and blicking the running back.

What Is A Fullback In English Football?

The modern full-back is a wide defender in a back line of four who, as well as defending the wide areas, is also responsible for joining attacks and creating chances. This is done primarily through forward runs that either overlap or underlap a winger or wide-midfield teammate.

How Is A Fullback Different From A Running Back?

One of the biggest differences between halfbacks and fullbacks is the task of blocking on a run. While running backs often receive the handoff, a fullback has other duties during the play. “Their responsibilities usually lean more heavily into blocking and receiving,” Rea says.

How Many Fullbacks Are In The Nfl?

There are only 24 active fullbacks in the NFL heading into the 2023 season. That means eight teams don’t even currently roster the position, but the Denver Broncos is among those rostering one of the few. Fullback Michael Burton is on his sixth NFL team, as he joins the Broncos this season.

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