What Country Code Is 86?

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Country codes serve as essential components in international dialing, delineating specific countries in the global telecommunications network. Among these, country code 86 holds significance, representing a vast and culturally rich nation. Let’s explore the details and implications of country code 86 in telecommunications.

What Country Code Is 86?

Country code 86 is the international dialing code assigned to the People’s Republic of China, signifying its presence within the global telephone numbering plan. It is utilized when making international calls to China from abroad.

What Country Is 86 Area Code?

The area code 86 is exclusively associated with China, encompassing various regions and provinces within the country. When dialing a number within China, the country code 86 is not required as it’s part of the domestic dialing process.

What Country Code Is +86?

The “+” symbol before the country code signifies the exit code required when making international calls from many countries. When dialing China from abroad, the “+” symbol followed by country code 86 is used to initiate the call.

What Country Code Is 86 In China?

In China, country code 86 is used for both domestic and international calls, serving as the primary code for initiating calls within the country’s telecommunications network and receiving international calls.

86 Country Code Missed Call:

Receiving a missed call from a number with the country code 86 doesn’t necessarily indicate the caller’s location. It’s crucial to exercise caution with unfamiliar numbers and avoid returning calls to unknown or suspicious numbers.

86 21 Country Code:

The country code 86, when combined with the area code 21, represents the city of Shanghai within China’s telecommunications system. Area codes further segment regions within the country.

861 Country Code:

While country code 861 may seem similar to China’s country code, it is not a designated country code. It’s important to verify the correct country code when making international calls to avoid miscommunication.

86 Area Code Time Zone:

China spans multiple time zones, but the standard time used throughout most of the country corresponds to China Standard Time (CST), which is UTC+8.

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187 Country Code:

Country code 187 is not assigned to any specific country within the international telephone numbering plan. Verification of correct country codes is essential to ensure accurate international dialing.

How To Call China From Us Cell Phone:

To call China from a US cell phone, dial the exit code (usually “+”), followed by country code 86, the area code (omit the leading zero if there is one), and the local phone number in China.

How Can I Call China From Usa For Free:

Various online services and apps offer free or low-cost options to make international calls, including calls to China from the USA. Utilizing internet-based calling apps with Wi-Fi or data connectivity may provide free or cost-effective calling options.


Country code 86 serves as the gateway for international telecommunications with China, facilitating connections across borders. Understanding its usage and nuances in international dialing ensures effective communication and connectivity within the global landscape.


What Is 86 In Front Of A Phone Number?

China Country Code 86 Country Code CN.

Which Country Code Is 86 21?

Next, dial 86 – the country code for China. Then, 21 – the Shanghai area code. And finally, the Shanghai phone number.

Which Country Code Is Calls From 86?

China Country Code 86 – Worldometer.

Can I Call China On My Cell Phone?

To call China from the U.S., just follow these simple dialing directions: First dial 011, the U.S. exit code. Next dial 86, the country code for China. Then dial the area code (2-4 digits — please see a sample calling code list below).

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