How Facebook Cover Photos Can Bolster Your Brand

Whether it is an original image or one from Adobe Express, cover photos can bolster your brand; ensure it follows Facebook’s guidelines to avoid any potential issues that might prevent you from sharing content on Facebook in the future.

Consider what makes an image memorable when selecting your cover photo. Studies indicate that certain aspects, like people and interiors, increase recallability.

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Customize Your Photo

Your cover photo allows your brand to demonstrate its value proposition, so it should be engaging and clear. Show off your most popular or new product to create an urgent call to action. Ferrari does this effectively with their red car sitting front and center; potential customers can quickly understand if your products fit their needs without needing to scroll further down the page or click any other elements.

An alternative solution is using your cover photo to tell a narrative, such as with the Four Firkins beer store above. Such imagery can capture a company’s character while building community among consumers and creating trust among clients through sharing genuine experiences that demonstrate positive interactions between staff members and customers.

Facebook cover photo guidelines change regularly, so it is wise to follow them. Text should only cover 20% or less of the photo to avoid distracting viewers or turning them off from your business. Additionally, ensure you have permission to use any copyrighted material and avoid using copyleft material without authorization.

Focused cover photos should feature an easily identifiable focal point that attracts the viewer’s eye—anything from an object to specific details in the picture that draw their focus. In ideal conditions, it should be at one end of a vertical line running through its center for optimal effect and to encourage them to take further actions on your page.

Run tests with different images to determine which resonates best with your audience and can be implemented into other marketing materials.

If people like your cover photo, then it would be wise to replicate its elements in future graphics. Brand recognition requires consistency; therefore, finding suitable images for your Facebook business profile is worth the time and effort.

Begin Today

Cover photos are integral to social media presence and brand engagement. Make it count by following these best practices for designing a captivating cover image that engages and informs.

Use images that showcase your products or services to reinforce your business’s core offerings and drive more visitors to your website or other digital platforms. Your cover photo can also increase awareness; Great Plains SPCA employed this strategy for their ongoing fundraising campaign with a local collar company.

Be sure that the dimensions of your image match those recommended by Facebook and other social media sites to avoid having it cropped off or displayed disproportionately. Also, follow any specific platform requirements when choosing images with text overlays.

Limiting the number of words in an image is wise to avoid distracting viewers. Dimensions: Furthermore, you should prevent repurposing images without adequately optimizing them for Facebook cover photo dimensions; doing so may cause elements to extend past boundaries and look blurry and stretched out of place.

Color can make or break a cover photo. Incorporating your brand’s colors to achieve an integrated and consistent appearance is crucial. Zelle did an outstanding job with their cover photo, logo, and primary color scheme.

Templates can be an efficient and resourceful way to create a stunning cover photo for Facebook quickly. Switch out the text for your own, customize as necessary, and upload in minutes! Various templates online, including those from Adobe Express, offer customizations to fit your brand style, making creating incredible cover photos more accessible than ever!

Share Your Photo on Facebook.

Facebook boasts 1.18 billion monthly active users, providing ample photo display space across your timeline and in friends’ news feeds. Thus, cover photos can serve as an ideal space to convey brand messages or complement text status updates; therefore, you must understand their dimensions to maximize the use of this real estate. You may also take advantage of Facebook’s event creation feature for fundraisers by customizing cover images that require an sRGB JPG file that measures 170×180 pixels for the best results.

Begin Your Adobe Express journey.

Your Facebook cover photo can make or break your business profile, so it must match up with your marketing and branding to convey an appropriate, consistent message to visitors to the page. With tools like Adobe Express, you can quickly and easily create professional-looking images!

Create an eye-catching cover photo by understanding who your audience is and the types of content they prefer, then choose visuals that represent your brand and match the interests of your viewers.

Assuming you own a local restaurant, photographing its dining room can give your viewers an impression of its atmosphere and menu items; similarly, if you own a home goods store, photographing its interior space allows customers to see off all that inventory!

Another way to captivate your target audience is by demonstrating the worth of your products and services. For instance, home goods retailer Fishs Eddy can showcase its selection of kitchen accessories in an eye-catching cover photo that shows potential customers what they have available.

If your company prioritizes community involvement, use your cover photo to show team members or volunteers from within; this can humanize your brand and build loyalty among your audience. Also, including positive customer testimonials in your cover photo can go a long way toward building trust and credibility with customers.

Avoid having too much text on your cover photo, as this may distract and confuse viewers. Provide only enough details about your business in terms of text. Also, avoid adding text overlays over photo backgrounds with solid backgrounds, as this could cause blurring issues that detract from their overall look and design.

Avoid using any copyrighted photos without permission. Otherwise, this could result in Facebook fines and account suspension or deletion. Consult your lawyer if you need clarification on whether a specific image is legal; alternatively, use apps like Photo Grid to create collages that fit within this limit to use as your cover photo on Facebook.