Who Is The CEO Of Tumblr?

Who doesn’t know Tumblr! The CEO of Tumblr has founded its social networking website in 2007. You can keep on reading to know more about him.

Who Is The CEO Of Tumblr?

The CEO of Tumblr is David Karp who is also the founder of Tumblr.

About The CEO Of Tumblr

As you got to know who’s the CEO of Tumblr, let’s explore some more about him.

David Karp, the CEO of Tumblr was born and raised in New York, US. He began his career without having a high school diploma. During the initial stage of his career, he worked as an intern under Fred Seibert in an animation company. Here, he built his first blogging platform!

David’s parents are Barbara Ackerman and Michael D. Karp. His mother worked as a science teacher in San Anselmo, California. While his father worked as a film and television composer. He has one younger brother named Kevin Karp. David attended Calhoun School till eighth grade. Later on, he started learning HTML and began designing websites for businesses. He even attended The Bronx High School of Science for one year. David started homeschooling and did side projects at the same time.

The current CEO of Tumblr was fascinated with the work of Frederator’s computer engineers. While doing homeschooling, he started taking Japanese classes at the Japan Society.

With his math tutor, David worked on writing software for blackjack and poker. One of the Frederator employees recommended Karp’s name in UrbanBaby. UrbanBaby was an online parenting forum. Karp took the UrbanBaby project and served as the head of products. Later on, Karp moved to Tokyo for five months.

David had a huge interest in microblogging for a while. He was eagerly wanted to establish blogging platforms. In 2007, Karp and his friend Arment launched Tumblr. Tumblr gained huge popularity in less than two weeks! Later on, Tumblr handed over its authority to other companies. You can click on this link (www.davidslog.com) to know more about David Karp biography.

Right now, the owners of Tumblr are Yahoo! Inc., Oath, Verizon Media, and Automattic.

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What Is David Karp Doing Now?

Nowadays, David Karp runs a company.

What Is David Karp’s Net Worth?

The net worth of David Karp is about $1.1 billion dollars.

What is Tumblr Founder’s Net Worth?

The net worth of Tumblr’s founder is about $200 million dollars.

Why Was Tumblr Shut Down?

Generally, interest in the platform began to wane. Throughout 2018, its monthly active user numbers shrank from close to 30 million down to 20 million. In November, its app was taken down again from the App Store due to an issue with child pornography getting its way past its filtering technology.

Is Tumblr Still Popular 2022?

Of the 135 million monthly users visiting the microblog site, 48% are Gen Z. That number might be even larger now, since Tumblr had a 96% adoption surge between October 27, 2022 and November 17, 2022.

Does David Karp Still Own Tumblr?

Share All sharing options for: Tumblr founder and CEO David Karp is leaving the company after more than a decade. Tumblr CEO David Karp, who founded the blogging service back in 2007, is leaving the company. Karp posted the announcement on his personal blog Monday after sharing it internally with Tumblr’s team.


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Who is the CEO of Tumblr?

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Who founded Tumblr?