Who Is The CEO Of Sky Zone?

The CEO of Sky Zone has built a successful business framework and turned Sky Zone into a renowned brand. Sky Zone is a famous trampoline park where you can jump or play games like basketball and dodgeball. In today’s post, I will share a few details about the CEO of Sky Zone and the company.

Who Is The CEO Of Sky Zone?

The CEO of Sky Zone is Jeff Platt who empowers his teams to be creative, different, and accountable. Jeff was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Currently, he lives with his wife and 2-year-old son in Los Angeles itself. Jeff Platt’s wife Lauren has not disclosed any details to the public.

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About The CEO Of Sky Zone

Jeff is the President of the NOW Massage franchise. This company offers high-quality, affordable massage services in an inspiring setting. Jeff has led this company to the next phase across the US and the spa industry.

However, Jeff’s philosophy is to surround himself with great people and empower his team. He strongly believes that by investing in his team, he can easily deliver a superior experience for both franchise owners and guests. Under his leadership, NOW has launched over 100 franchise locations around the country!

Jeff grew up watching his father Rick Platt work. Later on, he gained interest in taking over his father’s company. Just after completing his graduation, Jeff became the general manager of Sky Zone. In the beginning, he raised funds from relatives and friends to open a Sky Zone branch in St. Louis, Missouri.

The current CEO of Sky Zone is also a member of the Young President’s Organization. This is a global community of extraordinary chief executives. You must be surprised to know that Jeff is also involved with the non-profit Cycle for Survival. 

Now, you must be wondering how much is the CEO of Skyzone’s net worth. This 35-year-old CEO is making hundreds of millions off a trampoline empire! Sky Zone CEO Jeff Platt’s net worth is around $5 million approximately. He has built a franchise of 140 parks that generates $240 million in revenue. Without any doubt, his annual earnings are increasing steadily!

Do you know who is the owner of Sky Zone? This famous trampoline park is owned by CircusTrix. Sky Zone was created in 2004 by Rick Platt. He spent over $2 million to build a 17,000-square-foot trampoline arena in Las Vegas. Over here, he hired athletes for the sports such as rotating hoops and mid-air acrobatics. Unfortunately, the sport failed to generate interest.

Many people among us must be thinking about why is Sky Zone permanently closed. Unfortunately due to growing industry-wide trends, rapidly increasing costs, and significance diminished availability of insurance for trampoline parks.

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How Old Is The CEO Of Sky Zone?

Subscribe to the Outside In podcast: Jeff Platt is the 32-year-old CEO responsible for growing Sky Zone’s business. It’s the world’s first indoor trampoline park.

How Much Does The CEO Of Sky Earn?

Executive Compensation
As CEO of Sky at COMCAST CORP, Dana Strong made $15,948,048 in total compensation.

Where Is The Biggest Sky Zone?

Sky Zone at Liberty Tree Mall will be the country’s largest indoor trampoline park to date. The facility has over 43,000 square-feet, and of that, over 29,000 square-feet of jumping space, according to Downie.

How Much Does It Cost To Buy A Sky Zone Franchise?

What Does a Sky Zone Franchise Cost? To buy a franchise with Sky Zone, you’ll need to have at least $500,000 in liquid capital and a minimum net worth of $1,800,000. Franchisees can expect to make a total investment of $1,300,000 – $2,600,000.

How Many Sky Zones Are In The US?

As the world’s first indoor trampoline park (starting in Las Vegas), Sky Zone has over 200 franchise locations all over the country.

Why Did Sky Zone Shut Down?

The Sky Zone was shut down for safety violations, and reopened after going to court for an emergency order to stay in business. The park sued to retain its business license and in December 2021 was allowed to remain open after agreeing to implement additional security and other safety measures.

How Much Does A Sky Zone Owner Make?

Average Sky Zone Business Owner yearly pay in the United States is approximately $66,603, which meets the national average.

How Profitable Are Trampoline Parks?

For example, a trampoline park in California posts annual profits of 780.000 dollars ($), and some big names in the industry record annual profits of over a million. The fact is that trampoline parks generate profits, but you have to be persistent and patient.


Jack is the son of Rick Platt who originally intended for the trampoline courts. Later on, Jeff used this as part of a new sport with professional athletes. The CEO of Sky zone is a well-known businessman and has a net worth of $5 million.


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