Who Is The CEO Of Master Lock?

We all use padlocks and combination locks for security purposes. The CEO of Master Lock is the person behind this product. In my today’s post, you will find everything about the CEO of Master Lock in depth.

CEO Of Master Lock

The CEO of Master Lock is Brett Finley and he is also the president of Fortune Brands Outdoors & Security segment.

About The CEO Of Master Lock

As of now, you got to know who is the CEO of Master lock, let’s do a background check at this company.

Master Lock is an American company that mainly produces padlocks, combination locks, safes, and other security products. This company was founded 101 years ago in 1921. It was invented by locksmith-inventor Harry E. Soref. The headquarters of this company is located in Oak Creek, Wisconsin.

Harry invented a lock first for protecting military equipment. The Master Lock company became famous for making master skeleton keys for locks. Moving on, he even invented padlocks using laminated steel layers.

The CEO of Master Lock’s main goal was to add a variety of designs and functionality to their locks. In fact, they even used titanium-reinforced steel with stainless steel for a better lock mechanism. The company did receive an Industrial Design Excellence award from Business Week. 

Master Locks made locks for a variety of uses, such as personal locking, vehicle locking, and more. They even introduced a line of combination padlocks known as the dialSpeed. They launched new products beyond locks such as industrial space cover sealing mechanisms.

This company began a password manager service called Master Lock Vault in 2010. Their main purpose is to associate software applications for use on various devices. It has a master locking code that can be accessed via the company’s website.

After Master Lock announced David Youn as the President of Master Lock within no time, he made Master Lock one of the trusted names in security. Even U.S. President Barack Obama visited the headquarters of Master Lock to applaud the company. However, Nick Taylor is the former CEO of Master Lock.

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What Company Owns Master Lock?

The companies that own Master Lock are American Brands and Fortune Brands Home & Security.

Where Is Master Lock Headquarters?

The Headquarters of Master Lock is located in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, United States.

Who Invented Master Lock?

Harry Soref invented Master Lock in 1921.

How Many Different Master Locks Are There?

The Master Lock assortment of cylinders includes 16 distinct keyways to match existing profiles from Best®, Falcon®, and others.

How Many Employees Does Master Lock Have?

7,500 employees

Master Lock has 7,500 employees. 37% of Master Lock employees are women, while 63% are men.

What Is The Strongest Lock For A Door?

Deadbolt door locks are the most secure type of key lock and are usually used on a home’s exterior door. Available in single- and double-cylinder styles, deadbolts are rated according to their strength from Grade 1 to Grade 3. A Grade 1 is the highest grade and provides the most security.

What Is The Biggest Lock Company In The World?

Assa Abloy, the world’s largest lock and access company, already sells smart home products through its Yale brand (one of the world’s most recognized lock makers), but now it wants to expand that part of the business.

Who Are Master Lock Competitors?

Master Lock’s competitors and similar companies include ISEO Serrature, Capitol, Arnold’s Safe & Lock Company and Forte. Master Lock is a manufacturer and distributor of padlocks and security products.


Above, I have covered everything about the CEO of Master Lock and the company.


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Master Lock CEO

President and CEO of Master Lock

President and CEO of Master Lock group

President and CEO of Master Lock

Brett Finley is the CEO of Master Lock

CEO of Master Lock is Brett Finley

Who is the CEO of Master Lock?

Who is the President and CEO of Master Lock?

CEO of Master Lock Company

CEO of Master Lock

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Who owns Master Lock Company?