Who Is The CEO Of 7-Eleven?

You must have heard about 7-Eleven, right? The CEO of 7-Eleven is the man behind the company’s huge success! In this post, I’ll reveal everything about him in detail.

Who Is The CEO Of 7-Eleven?

The CEO of 7-Eleven is Joseph DePinto and Joseph is also the president of 7-Eleven.

About The CEO Of 7-Eleven

As you got to know who is 7-Eleven’s CEO, let’s study the background of the company.

7-Eleven, Inc., is a premier company in convenience retailing. Globally, it operates, franchises, or licenses more than 61,000 7-Eleven stores. They also have more than 10,900 stores in North America.

Before being appointed as CEO of 7-Eleven, Joseph was president of GameStop Corporation. In fact, Joe DePinto has held executive positions at PepsiCo, Inc., and Thornton Oil Corporation.

The current CEO of 7-Eleven is a board director of 7-Eleven, Inc., and Seven & i Holdings Co., Ltd. He is also the chairman of the board of Brinker International. Joseph also serves on the Business Executives for the National Security board. He even works with George W. Bush Presidential Center Military Service Initiative advisory council. Along with this, he works with the Kellogg School of Management’s global advisory board. Joseph also serves on the Dallas Stars Ownership advisory group simultaneously.

The current CEO of 7-Eleven, DePinto earned a bachelor’s degree in Engineering Management. He completed this course at United States Military Academy at West Point. Joseph completed a Master of Business Administration degree from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. Very few of them know that he served as a Field Artillery Officer in the US Army. 

Joesph DePinto’s wife Ingrid DePinto has a total of four sons. The rest of his private life remains silent. However, the CEO of 7-Eleven’s net worth is about $40 million dollars. Here, have a look at the CEO of 7-Eleven emails: @obius.jnj.com, @7-eleven.com, and @thorntonoil.com. You can contact him via these emails for any business queries.

Joe C. Thompson was 7-Eleven’s founder and chairman. In fact, he completed a $5.2 billion management buyout of the company. The CEO of 7-Eleven worldwide has now appointed Ken Wakabayashi as the new Co-CEO of 7-Eleven. However, the CEO of 7-Eleven Malaysia has appointed Wong Wai Keong and Tan U-Ming as its new Co-CEO. Below, I have listed down a few 7-Eleven Subsidiaries.

  • Speedway
  • SEI Fuel Services, Inc.
  • 7-Eleven Malaysia Hldgs.

Also, James W. Keyes is the former CEO of 7-Eleven. He was also the chairman of Wild Oats Markets.

Know more about such companies here.

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Who Is The Real Owner Of 7-Eleven?

7-Eleven’s real owners are the parent company Seven & I Holdings and Seven-Eleven Japna Co., LTD.

Is 7-Eleven Japanese Owned?

Yes, 7-Eleven is Japanese-owned and About 70% of its stock is owned by Ito-Yokado Co., a Japanese retailer.

What Is The Net Worth Of 7-Eleven?

7-Eleven’s net worth is about $41.66 billion dollars.

Who Is The Current CEO Of 7-Eleven?

The current CEO of 7-Eleven is Joseph DePinto.

Who Was The First CEO Of 7-Eleven?

The first CEO of 7-Eleven was Joe C. Thompson.

What Is The CEO Of 7-Eleven’s Salary?

The CEO of 7-11’s salary is $1.03 million annually.

How Much Does A 711 Franchise Make?

Now let’s take a look at how much profit can you expect if you are to franchise a 7-Eleven. As posted on 7-Eleven’s website, the minimum guaranteed gross income is $365,500 for Fuel stores and $399,000 for Non Fuel stores. In the first $500,000 earnings of the store, the franchisee earns 50% and 7-Eleven charges 50%.

Is Owning A 7/11 Franchise Profitable?

Based on the median sales estimated for 7-Eleven’s franchise locations, at an average of a 5% profit margin, it will take around 9 years to recoup your investment. This is longer than other franchise opportunities.

How Much Does Joseph Depinto Make?

What is the salary of Joseph DePinto? As the Independent Chairman of the Board of Brinker International, the total compensation of Joseph DePinto at Brinker International is $187,502

How Much Does It Cost To Buy A 7-Eleven Franchise?

Your initial investment includes three major components: An initial franchise fee of $25,000. An inventory down payment between $20,000 and $40,000, plus an initial cash register fund. Land and building improvements, which vary by site.


In my above article on the CEO of 7-Eleven, I have covered all the necessary information about him and the company.


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President and CEO of 7-ELEVEN


President and CEO of 7-ELEVEN group


President and CEO of 7-ELEVEN 


Joseph DePinto is the CEO of 7-ELEVEN


CEO of 7-ELEVEN is Joseph DePinto


\Who is the CEO of 7-ELEVEN?


Who is the President and CEO of 7-ELEVEN?


CEO of 7-ELEVEN Retail



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